USC Trial Advocacy has been preparing students to become lawyers for over 20 years. Our alumni network spans a wide range of career backgrounds, from civil litigation and public law to finance and education. Now, as a part of our new mentorship program, they're coming back to help. Cumulatively, mentors dedicate over 100 hours per month to current USC Mock Trial members, helping them pursue their goals as well-informed and confident members of society. Our alumni share their experiences beyond undergraduate education, advice on career planning, time in practice, and everything in between.

Mentors in our network

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It is the most difficult and rewarding activity at USC, by far.

- Ida Abhari, USC ‘17 International Relations and Philosophy, University of Virginia School of Law ‘22

USC MT exposed me to public interest work and showed me that this is work I want to devote my life to.

- Troy Rayder, USC '16 Gender Studies and Sociology, Boston University School of Law '22

I can trace back anything I have done whether it be graduate school work, career choices, or personal social justice work to something I learned from being on the team. These lessons make their way into my life.

- Alexander Igor Wojcik, USC '15 Philosophy, Politics, & Law, Columbia University Teacher's College '19

My first legal job in undergrad was through my connections with the USC Mock Trial team. I was also able to work on socially impactful and interesting cases that I was passionate about.

- Mercedes Cook, USC '09 Psychology, UCLA School of Law '12

Better trial training than any law school could provide.

- Robson Hauser, USC '10 Business Administration, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law '14

Law school tests a very specific skill, which is your ability to apply law to fact, and analyze arguments from multiple perspectives. Mock trial develops these skills better than any political science or philosophy class.

- Brittnee Bui, USC ‘17 Communication, UCLA School of Law ‘20

An unforgettable powerful learning and growth experience led by top notch coaches who value work ethic, drive, improvement, and future development!

- Matt Hollander, USC ‘18 Philosophy, Politics, & Law and Business